About points4purposeTM

Billions of dollars worth of retail loyalty points are sitting idle on forgotten cards in wallets and purses.Are you ready to seize the moment?

Points4PurposeTM introduces sustainable fundraising streams that do not detract or divert from traditional charitable sources.

Our mission is to automate cause-related marketing in partnership with commercial enterprise and, in so doing, address identifiable social needs utilising legacy points balances as the ‘fuel’.

Points4PurposeTM was created to provide a meaningful way in which to engage and retain people. Most loyalty and reward programs are designed to promote the activities of the organisation by providing pecuniary gains or products and services. We believe in offering participating organisations and people the chance to get the best product and service offers that we can find and at the same time benefit a social cause.

Our point of difference is that every time you shop with us you get the best deal we can offer AND you earn points that have a $$ value which can only be utilised for a charitable cause.

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points4purposeTM is a loyalty and reward program with a difference

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Connecting passionate Individuals to Causes through Social Exchange

By utilising their otherwise untapped dormant loyalty points and air miles, individuals are empowered to make a real difference to the causes of their choice.

Now socially responsible organisations can inspire their communities – their customers and employees – to give back in a meaningful way to the causes they’re most passionate about...

And at the same time charities can propel their cause to the forefront of social awareness, inspiring a sense of community and social reciprocity. And you can now participate in that meaningful process – and at the same time grow your business!

If given the choice, more than a quarter of loyalty program members would donate their points to charity... Why not open up the Opportunity for lasting Engagement by simply supporting the Communities in which you operate?

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